Ferry ⛴ | Musings

“I hate when we fight,
She in love with the pipe.”
— Quavo, pick up the phone 📱 

How much do we ask about her freedom to do as she wishes for a change,
WE only care what she does for change yet we don’t want to provide something within her needs range,
Air cannot feed a child or house a family, neither does it dissipate rage,
So respect her for all that she does, achieves and works towards before turning the page.

“I E.F.T my plug a tip
and he delivers to the crib”
— Nasty-C, Coolest Kid in Africa

Because the police are outside and they lie that this herb is bad,
Because in many a mind the natural is behind and needs the boosts of supplements — sad,
Legalise or decriminalise and improve the standards of the truly natural medicine in the country — just that!

“You have a right to all your choices,
It drip like poison.”
— Father feat. Tommy Genesis

It sucks that we proactively suck away women’s willingness to decide for themselves when they come into our lives,
Some are obsessed with controlling them and determining their vibes,
When they curate none entertaining enough themselves to sufficiently provide.

“I write what’s in my heart, don’t give a fuck who fucking with it.”
— J. Cole, False Prophets

Art for me (and you),
Comes from a single initiative,
Meeting others in a manner collaborative,
But it is independent (as it should be),
Of the politics involved in pleasing all,
Because it knows that on its own two legs it cannot fall,
And any reasonable man will eventually see reason after all.


Yours in deconstruction,

Evans Mbora Campbell
Fresh off the Boat.


Our Big-Small Problems

Everything looks so small from so far,
Which would explain why we make such a fuss about what is closer,
Size unchanged and matters still named the same,
We pick at, apart and on what is within our frame.


Distance creates an absence that blurs the essence of our relationships,
We perceive them different; uncomfortable with a slight variation from a story often consistent,
People remain who they are but we choose to muse on what they could, should or would do,
And think it through enough to decide it is, in fact though it is not, what they will do.

While you sit with that,
I shall do my best to stay intact as,

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.