…stole my gaze,

So powerful is the sight of her that I pray this is all just a phase,

How soon can I be falling when I have barely stood up again?

Yet this time I have nothing to gain,

Because hers is another man’s last name,

And I swore to myself that in such circumstances my passions I would tame.


…brings out the fire that I mask with smoke within,

I can’t help the fact that she makes me as concerned as the campaign Going Green,

I melt away and just want to be there to keep all that envelopes her serene,

But that would be stepping into a dangerous field with no protective means.


…remains the best I MAY never have as my love,

But I remain grateful for whatever I am granted, her presence in my life is enough,

The wish for more shall remain quite the unquenched thirst,

But the respect I bestow upon her essence and being keeps that wish as just that.


…shall remain the one with the warm embrace,

The one with the glowing, meritorious face,

The new friend who earned herself a golden place,

The beauty who walked into my heart’s room and left him addicted to her tactful grace.


…may not notice me,

But, I remain as I am to all who I cherish exceedingly,

To be there for her, however much I treat my feelings discreetly,



Hers in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

The Married Man

“How is it that you are in my arms,
I own nothing, I don’t believe I charm,
Every time I’m with you I wonder how come,
Am I lucky, why is it that with you I find a qualm?
Yet, I know that you mean me no harm,
I know how deeply in love I am with you and I hum-
And sing everyday and night, praying that you give me no cause for alarm!”

“I love you, is that really how I feel?
Because somehow I feel something I can’t conceal,
Something more powerful, hard to reveal,
I feel like I know you, but everyday a new secret about you you spill,
You keep coming back, even when we lose touch and I say US needs to chill,
You are the reason I sing,
Yet at times you make a man want to take a knife and himself kill!
You make me mad, sometimes sad,
Other times I’m just happy and glad,
How is it that you keep me on my toes,
You make me willing to have so many foes,
Simply to keep you, to me, close.
Is there any way I can expose-
The spell that you use to make yourself hard to dispose?
Or am I in your cage of painful love enclosed?
Your hair, your body, your scent,
Your accent, how on the stairs yours is a graceful descent,
How you constantly have me spent,
How you make want to satisfy you with no relent,
How I feel inclined to pay everything, even the rent,
But, to end my gallantry and show your sovereignty, you are bent…
Is all this why I feel you are heaven-sent?
Is this why you are not with me but WITHIN me every second we spend,
Together or apart I love you, adore you, want our whole beings to be joined forever,
But I, I, I have a wife and children, so my wish shall see fulfilment never!
Shall die with you for you are that sinful pleasure,
You are that extraordinary flavour , the one I wanted, but I shall never have you ever,
Shhhh, you are this married man’s treasure,
You are the opal, hidden in an apartment in Weisto somewhere,
And the intricacies that we happen to share,

Are to be kept between us alone, forget the others, I don’t care,
This has nothing to do with any other!
But most of all, keep it from your mother!
You know my wife is her friend, if she were male; she would be like her brother!
Plus, let us not forget that if you say such things, we both stand to lose,
I my family, but I can remarry easily, I’m so free to chose.
However, you could be forced to surrender this job whose-
President happens to be my good friend; he would hate break-up news…
Then where will you find the money to use,
When you have to pay rent, pay for food, and pay for cable to watch the news,
This is not blackmail by the way, these are facts, I’m showing you-
what could happen if you try to abuse
the fact that you are my mistress, the woman I leisurely use.
So, stay with me and dare not move,
Or you’ll find yourself in my noose,
With no one to cut you loose,
I’m the married, promiscuous man, who has nothing to lose!


By yours in perpetuity,


Evans Mbora Campbell.


I won’t lie and say that it’s not hard to wake up everyday,
Especially now that sleep has become as evasive as Nairobi robbers by day,
I remember the times you would wake up at around six,
And I’d joke around and tell you that that was an old people’s trick,
I remember how we’d fight about what I CAN and CAN’T cook,
And how you taught me everything you could, every chance you got, you took,
I remember how you would never give reminding me the importance of organization a rest,
And how you always expected a good result from whichever test life sent,
And I remember my reactions towards all these actions, mixed reactions, but in the end, I knew your advice was always best,
Because my brother and father can stand boldly and attest,
That you taught me and Richard everything we could ever know, and for that WE know you are blessed,
You even taught us how to fold our clothes, let alone getting dressed!
You taught us that TRUE friends are best and should reach out to you too just like you reach out to the rest,
You taught me that irrespective of the fact that my relationship with most of my cousins seems miniscule and superficial,
I shouldn’t tire in my efforts to make it more of importance, to make it supersede just being official,
So I try to talk to them like you said, but it’s not so simple,
I look up to them, but I doubt they feel it in conversation,
But even though this is the case,
I know that life is a continuous chase,
Ergo, it is described as The Pursuit for Happiness,
And I know that it is for that reason that I must seek out great and cherishing friends,
JUST like YOU did,
Your hospitality was ALL the world could ever need,
Your smile when we just joked around could light up a mile,
And I know I made fun of how you said ‘Hello’ on phone, but that was only because that hello made me ignite with warmth inside,
You never hid the fact that you needed my help at times,
And though we had our fights, I would take a bullet for you any time!!
I can’t thank you enough mum, you never realise what you have till it’s A BIT farther from you,
And that’s where you are, A BIT farther but still in our lives, FOREVER our mother,
Forever the one who taught me and my brother,
Forever the one who taught me that in hard water, soap does not lather,
Forever the one who could do handy work, even FIXING my shower,
The strongest lady even in her final hour,
The warmest heart even when things were sour,
The loveliest smile, even when your body lacked power,
I declare that I shall be proud to celebrate your life as I live mine,
And that so will Richard, we both intend to shine,
We BOTH intend to give dad a hand even when he needs something that he can’t seem to find,
We’ll be good, because I know you taught me to HATE unnecessary expenses,
You taught me that alcohol and cigarettes and all drugs are just what man believes to be defences,

But are instead just means to ensure that death is a process hastened,

I stand here because the Lord chose you to be my mother for life,

To see me through, even in times of strife,
Your care and affection,
Your genuine devotion,
Your inward and outward passion,
Remain imparted upon us all,
That we do not remember all the pain you went through,
But all the love you gave through and through,
And I know this is my first presentation of my poetry to YOU and the family,
But I know that you appreciated my work, and for that I am happy,
And I shall finish my poetry book slowly,
But be sure that it will be dedicated to you, GLADLY,
For in this life I realise that I have loved no woman more than I loved thee,
And for that, may the LORD take care of you as he always did while you were busy loving we three,
And may you rest in the solace of the fact that you remain in our lives in perpetuity!
Joyce Muthoni Campbell, rest in the Lord’s peace and serenity,

From your first-born son, representing the immediate family,
Evans Mbora Muthee Campbell,
A gentleman moulded by your love and clarity.


(Read at my late mother’s funeral on March 12 2010)

Venus vs Mars

I’m simple,
She’s evil,
Not in the way you think, but clubs know she’s terrific and terrible,
I watch TV,
She barely sits still,
I don’t drink,
To her everything’s a spree,
She clubs,
I sit at home and think about spending time alone in the tub,
She teases my ease,
I tell her to try it out, I say please,
But by Friday she’s out again with those cronies,
Spending and cheating like me and her were never meant to be,
I know how wrong she is,
By the way she only calls when she’s in need,
“She doesn’t have my heart! Not after all this!”
I say those words severally as I pick her off the ground in her drunken stupor,
She says she loves me, and I know that’s probably the alcohol’s whisper,
I lay her on my bed once I get home; tonight her parents would bury her if she went there,
And I just sit and stare,
Her heavenly chest heaves and I can’t bear,
The thought of her life being so bare,
Bare of emotion, yet it is to her I give my devotion,
I’m simple, she’s evil,
I’m sober; she’s drunk as sour grapes,
I love her, but she knows not for her life is fraught with the influences in which she’s caught,
I don’t see why she can’t return to how I knew her,
How I loved her fair, sweet glimmer,
Her innocence made my heart slimmer,
Just because it would race every time I would see her,
I would wait behind the pole next to her class after late class; I was the bell-ringer,
And from there I’d watch her walk out and walk to the bus station, with only one friend,
And that was the trend throughout campus, the first year, and even in the second,
But now I wonder what ever happened to that lady I loved,
She is transformed, and not into a heroic robot,
But into a self-destructive lost being devoid of clear thought,
And I remain the same gentleman, who fell for her without second thought,
I know her now not,
She is lost,
I am Mars, she is Venus,
Beauty unlimited, but the vices of Earth stand between us,
I loathe what alcohol has made her, a victim of blind lust,
And I can’t do anything to save her, yet she’s going down fast,
When she wakes up tomorrow, I will have to tell her how I feel, irrespective of our past,
I’ll have to be the one to leave, this life of expenses and being drunk and senseless is nonsense,
I can’t take it any more; I leave her to earth now,
Where I met her and where I lose her,
Earth, where Venus lost her heart to the bitter drink that now on her breath lingers,
And where, as my final kiss to her forehead I deliver,
I shall live her be, my lost lover…



Yours in perpetuity,


Evans Mbora Campbell.