Life and love, mainly the latter dominates the story of the former and we are left with the absence or presence of it as all we can ever have. Hence the _ in _ovECamp is a revamp of what used to be Camp Evo, only now it’s in reverse and the _ I forgot to bring into context earlier in this sentence is for you to fill with an “L”, read LovECamp.

I’m no genius, never shall I be anything more than an ignoramus in the face of all that I am unaware of, but I do write as I feel it is my calling to, from the bottom of my heart, if any such limitation exists for the spiritual realm of that body part. Pieces influenced by my own experiences and those of others, never explicitly showing what factors are mine or others’ and solely aimed at empathising, being in the shoes of others…

Read on, KINDLY drop a comment, feedback means the world and more to me, but most importantly, tell a friend if this moves you sufficiently.

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