Should’ve, Would’ve, Could’ve

If you knew that I was gone why didn’t you come after me,
If you heard the song and knew the words, why didn’t you repeat after me?
Where were you when everything was going to shit,
Where were you when I couldn’t take another hit?
Why don’t you look into my eyes and tell the truth about what you think?

Life will keep giving you what you don’t expect,
I will keep working against all the lies and fallacies that you bred,
All the evils that you have continually fed.

Off you went, away you sped,
The lights were red but for you that was best,
Devious and stunning in your dissent,
Keen and cunning in your ascent,
I suppose none of us should fault your impenetrable intent,
But it’s hard to admit when you’re down, out and completely spent.


Yours in no certainty,

Evans Mbora Campbell.
Regret Street, Hse. No. 245

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