Slow Kisser

You’re finally here,
My heart has been racing, hard
…is what I may or may not be just
here in your radiant presence,
Pineapple-yellow pants and that calming face,
Genuine smile and lovely style,


Generally I hardly get this happy,
And when I do I tend to fail at nurturing,
But so far I feel we’re beautifully at par,
Though you’re more beautiful, by far.


I want to look into your eyes without your glasses on,
I want to hear your sighs so close it feels like I have earphones on,
I want to feel your coconut-oiled skin against mine like it was velcroed on,
And just watch your chest heave as you lay in peace, asleep.


I have admittedly imagined a lot,
But all of it will manifest as time, tide and vibes see fit,
I’m getting distracted by how hard my heart beats,
I keep disengaging from the application of ink,
to stare at you as if afraid you might leave.


My palms are sweaty,
My smiles are cheeky and sheepish,
Our first fight was about your shoes,
How outlandish.


Yours in present time,

Evans Mbora Campbell.
Slow Kisser

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