Occasionally Old

I sometimes miss the old days,
When people would use their eyes to see and their ears to listen,
Hearing is an impaired ability compared to the latter,
But nowadays we just like to flatter so we pretend to be keenly in session,
When we’re really tuned out and in our own mental.


I sometimes miss the old days,
Because in many ways we have lost touch with our foundations,
The music has grown into a beautiful monster,
I suppose that has always been the case though,
But now I just can’t quite get stoned high on the beats, you know?


I sometimes miss the old days,
But there are new kids on the block making sure the memories don’t fade,
There are soldiers going to war so the respect for the true remains,
There, where you look back at a past and stare,
Are the mainstays that are threatened by the new waves,
And just a little to the left,
Are their descendants trying to protect their legacy today.


I guess I’m stuck in the old days every so often,
So if you’re looking for me,
I’ll be in a loud ma-three,
Bumping Jua Cali,

Evans Mbora Campbell
Occasionally Old

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