Miss Me With That Negatory

If someone gave me a chance and stopped watching,
Maybe I could just be myself and stop fretting,
But I’m always stuck wondering what’s happening,
Everyone is on my case and not off, letting,
I want to stop being the subject of all your betting,
You want to keep me in racing conditions, doping,
So you hype me up until I’m all fluff,
Then when shit finally hits the fan you call me frustrating.


If you really cared you would be scarce,
If you really shared in this passion, why are your contributions sparse?
I have racked my mind trying to find a reason behind your appearance so seasonal,
And the only valid conclusion is that you think I’m optional,
You never truly wanted to be here when it all began to crumble,
But you wanted to be around to say “I told you so!” — typical.


I don’t need your maligning,
I came here to grind and try to shine,
And if you are always trying to pull me down from behind,
Scream and shout! I intend to let you stay unseen,Tug and flout at the heartstrings you no longer hold me by,
I’ll be pulling ahead instead, whether I live on water and bread,
Or the fumes of impending success.


Evans Mbora Campbell
Miss Me With That Negatory

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