Body Petty

The internet,
Bombarding us with images of the perfect girl,
Breasts undisturbed, perky and easily-cupped,
Wears no dresses,
Marks on her never stretch,
Curls on her hair are infinite at worst,
and the length of that hair is indefinite at best.


I’m guilty of exalting that model,
I have fallen prey to the ads so super,
I am culpable for having let this get to me.

At times,
Being a denizen of the city,
I admittedly have partaken willingly in the farce,
Laughed at her for having a little this or too little ass that,
As a matter of fact,
Sometimes I have proactively gone ahead to beam my own insecurities,
Onto the figures of these unknown personalities.

But it is at times like these β€”
when everyone wants to call the other fat or flat β€”
That I must bow the knee and unlearn.


I’m sorry I made you feel unworthy,
Your sufficience was directly proportional to my in-
securities and puerile antics,
Your significance warrants more merit than myopic optics,
And I know this now that you’re no longer by my side standing.


Too little, too late,
And I’m currently installing AdBlock for all this click-bait,
Maybe by some odd, undeserved twist of fate,
I’ll meet you as an unlearned and in my arms, you, take
Without you feeling the need to hesitate and deliberate.


Yours in no certainty,

Evans Mbora Campbell
Body Petty

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