Confronting Vanity

Carry me out of this dimension, I hate reality,
This new one I see receives hardly a mention yet it is the pinnacle of clarity,
I want no clairvoyance, just a chance to be myself in entirety,
Who am I if not a wanderer in the stars, stuck in the sidereal expanse,
as life rolls on without me.
I never cared much for capitalism,
Money and power have only left our souls indebted to other -isms,
If I could show you an alternative to your strife with these constructs that imprison,
Would you follow me down that path, and dance to its rhythm?


I just want us all to speak freely,
I just want to own all that makes me me,

A scrawny, embattled, open-hearted

Evans Mbora Campbell
Confronting Vanity.

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