Stuck in Fight Scenes

Hold the camera, I’m directing like Martin
Scorcese… ’cause if he saw us he’d say we,
Just keep out, acting
So our score should say, “See!…
You always go off then on and on you shout at me…”


I was hoping today I could delay this relay,
I hate to pass you the baton when you’ll whack me with it after all,
I know you think I’m just a sad, broken song,
But even the worst records deserve to be put on.


We fuss because we just won’t trust each other,
I want to be a truss for you but you’d rather keep me under,
Water would help right now but you’d sooner see thunder,
I could really do with your self right now, but I see another.


You think I want to live here indefinitely?
If I had a choice I would be in different circumstances, chosen definitively,
For now, you can watch me in my washed-up liveries and grin derisively,
I’ll eventually be free to deliver this vengeance from within decisively!


Yours in… take 5

Evans Mbora Campbell
Stuck in Fight Scenes



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