I Just Want Some Nudes

(Inspired in part by River Tiber)


This is not a pick-up line,
I just want a bunch of nudes…
of me taken by you,
I know this is strange because I’m coming across as another one of those fuckboy dudes,
That like your friend and are all up in your face instead, feeling bwoy rude,
But I swear to you this is just me, looking for some nudes.

Record me walk around the house naked with no curtains on,
Singing to the wake up song,
Gleaming with no make-up on,
Soon as you can see me, gone
You’ll be wishing for me all day long.

I only want you when I let you go,
But that’s not something you need to know
I can keep this up if you’re in for a show,
But I just hope against hope,
That you can handle this with all its scope.

Yours in passive-aggressive complexity,

Evans Mbora Campbell
I Just Want Some Nudes

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