Gregarious Lurker

If I said I wanted you near me I would be understating to what degree I need that to be,
I think about you almost daily, but you don’t exist as a single being,
Alas, I am single in my being and feel so much for so many — I keep discovering,
So what do we do with this polynomial I seem incapable of solving?


Did you know that it is possible to spread out oneself and not be too felt?
I certainly think I have found the key to success and unlocking this secret so well-kept,
I guess in the end all that matters is that you lay on my chest and feel, off your feet, swept,
Or maybe it’s that I lay in yours and tangle my toes with yours so our feet seem webbed.


I don’t quite know if all of you would like to be with me,
You’re stuck in various burdening situations and nothing is ever as easy as it seems,
Apparently I make for good laughs, and I can stitch you up when you’re tearing at the seams,
My smile isn’t white but its width is just enough to make you beam,
But in these games we play, I can never quite expect a win-win.


Yours, in fault and in innocence,

Evans Mbora Campbell
Gregarious Lurker

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