The Dazed Jotter of Deeds

Did you know that if I ran around the world three times with nothing but my tongue and these rhymes,
I still would never catch up to you — what with your pace with these lines!
You would say things like “You are such a beautiful, bold foal.”,
And in moments like those, I would feel ever so grateful for my inherent being as an animal,
You would strut your stuff without as much as a huff, and I could have sworn that your butt was fresh off God’s mould,
But that was not what caught my eye the most,
It was indeed that part of thee, at the centre of the ring that is your iris so black — coal,
That I could peer into and see nothing but soul!

Yours in this note, albeit momentarily

Evans Mbora Campbell
The Dazed Jotter of Deeds

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