Sole Proprietor of your Ghost Kiss

I could never condone wanting to own your aura,
You come so correct, clean and radiant in your mile-wide smile; smell like flora,
Every minute spent around you is asphyxiating yet liberating; I’m caught up in the sweetness of horror,
You can’t say you don’t notice that I wish I could be your only Co-Mbora!


But alas I’m a man troubled, broken and often dishonoured,
I have seen too many a day when my passions led me astray and ora-d,
Since I’m good to the point of being bad for souls lost like Dora’s,
We may just be better off apart than together, forget a kindergarten chorus.


You don’t know that you came, saw and conquered,
Or you think you do but are unaware the version I told you was down, watered,
You stole a fragment of me hidden from view by unabated ignorance,
And I’m not sure I want it back much as it pains me to see it in your hands.


Yours, maybe someday I can’t yet see,

Evans Mbora Campbell
Sole Proprietor of your Ghost Kiss

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