Behind These Digital Eyes

Originally penned on 26 Aug 2016 by Mama Rocks at The Alchemist Bar.

There is no expanse enhanced by our chance to find things in instants,
We live in a world where the coolest stunts are 2 clicks away, despite happening in lands distant,
It’s overwhelming to know that there is so much to consume and it’s whole,
It’s scary to realise that our eyes no longer manifest as windows to our soul;
when everyone is so concerned with their phones, it’s hard for those parts of us to be so prone.


Communicating is so digital — you can tell that from all the digits stalled on AMOLED screens,
You hear it in the laughing and screams in blurry, snapped-up scenes,
It has become so much easier to be heard, that the problem is being seen,
Will we ever truly be free, if all we seek imprisons us indefinitely?


Yours (even) in cryostasis,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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