Dance with Me

Out of the corner you lurk in I command thee to step out,
Tonight it is your true theme we are unmasking, casting away doubt,
Move towards your contemporary, let’s make art with a start that will make them shout!
Come to the fore of the floor and dance in ways they won’t ignore; be what they’re about.


In motion a sedation and fascination linger over mind, body and soul,
In the way you move I see myself and I unfold like worn clothes,
In the waving of your hands I see the dithering of my mind and see what I struggle to hide: internal foes,
Your head-shaking and body-snaking gets me thumb-lifting and ululating, shouting “Ohhh!”s


Move; prove you can be approved of,
Explode like one on too many a cocktail — Molotov,
Shoot across the stage like a bullet estranged — Kalashnikov,
And we shall celebrate you for your graceful showing — mazel tov!

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