Here and There

You found me here but lost me there,
I was calm, collected, less dejected hither,
But harmed, alarmed, more frustrated thither
You know now what you do to me: how things move from worse to better.


I saw you in the elevator there,
Sad, mad, scarred I was — heart lain bare,
You tried too hard to colour what was charred,
And only made worse what was already inherently bad.


Now I am on the rooftop… here,
Looking out across the city at spires and feeling a mind clear,
We touch for a moment and I can hear your heart cheer,
I am alive again, we can sing and dance in this divine year.


You lost me there, but found me here,
What changed in those moments were your willingness to be sincere,
both with yourself and with me; when I was dishevelled and seared
You found me here, but lost me there,
And all that matters my dear, is that you (as I do) care.


Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell
In the present.

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