Carry Me Away

I saw in your blue eyes a flair that told no lies,
There was charisma that placated the most headstrong machismo; ego-defying,
By design there were only thin lines between your good and your great,
You left me so blind,
how ever would I (or others) see something malign about your state?


I am just wandering through this maze of racing heartbeats,
Everyone around me seems to be as starstruck by your soft lips,
It’s a small world where yours is the most longed-for kiss,
But none shall dare approach your form so warm, afraid it heats
And all are afraid of their norms, they lie, steal and cheat.


You have me grasping at straws as I draw our dances in my imagination,
I am longing for doors that open into your arms, but the fates love to see my indignation,
Being near you drives me into a stupor that strips away my charm: invariably tongue-tied in consternation,
Your smile and cheeky giggle feel double-edged — like alms and arms — beating me down into chasmic infatuation


Shall you be so kind as to take my hand in thine?
Carry me away with you into the end of time?

I can be,
Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell
Unabashed by your popularity.




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