Shall We Stay?

Originally penned on 5th February 2016

How long are you here for?
Are you leaving me after this escapade; keeping things short and sweet?
We just met but I felt content that you found me in my hour of need,
A good friend may come from anywhere indeed,
but how long are you here for?
I want to see you tomorrow if that shan’t be time borrowed,
Can you give me five minutes or more, an hour or so?
Do you realise as I do that our connection deserves not to be fleeting?

I feel assured that you are a point of growth…
That we have so much to discover in a jointly-owned plane of the unknown,
Join me, ignore how long you can be here for,
Make us a priority and cast away that worry.

We are here for long I hope,
At least long enough to write the opening line of our story.


Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell
Silent Observer

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