A Voice from the Silent Room (Part 2)

Originally penned on 5th February 2016

Willow tree full of swallows,
Baobab tree with branches long and narrow,
Live with me in cabin C… in this wagon 2313,
where I explore the raging storm within.

Though I am to be still, the waves know not my dreams,
Voices all around me create the din,
And I am but a wanderer in the space I created,
A lost one in the thoughts I generated,
Perplexed and impressed by the notes around me, how they leave me serenaded.

The sweet, sour and bitter,
Gather around the table of my cranium for dinner,
In this space of stillness I am a saint and a sinner,
In this place I dance under the clear sky
just as in the snowy winter.


Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell
Silent Observer

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