I Wander

Originally penned on 25 Aug 2014

I am but a bi-product of my beliefs in a world so full of those of others, yet I now wish I could be the offspring of theirs,

More virtuous, less grandiose and in every way, less varicose than mine,
I am doomed to suffer a steep decline should I not give in to these impositions to well-received dispositions,
Yet the reality of my situation is that I am somewhat comfortable in my dispensation,
Have I not survived the deluge of questions asked in many an inquisition?
Have I not lived to see yet many another day despite my damned lack of stalwart observation?
Am I just a lucky man surviving merely by the favour of the One I have oft accused myself of having slightly less faith in?

May His light shine where it once shown, I grow tired of walking on my own,
Though, if the good word holds true, I was never really forlorn, my only fault was thinking I was,
As I try to find redemption I shall look for a greater way to achieve the absolution I may need, given my history of indecision

Until I find it then, I must promise cautiously to remain,

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell,

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