An Unforeseen End

I look at you and glimpse what could have been,
There are stories about us that were not enshrouded in sin,
A bliss to our union that I had tremendous belief in.

You walked away without even blinking,
And left me thinking that all I did was ruin our rhythm,
But in truth I was bound to be a victim,
I was willing to see nothing next while you questioned everything.

Your beauty still seems to grip me invariably,
And even in variable terms I cannot find peace mentally,
You leave me strewn to the bone and just as cold,
Lost, alone and unwilling to hold,
I am bare and cannot bear anything,
Open yet closed to everything,

Why shall I seek to be yours in circumstances like these?
Because I believed we could overcome tomorrow and just be!

No matter; though my heart may falter,
My course is mapped for the lands uncharted,
And my missionĀ is to no longer be taken for granted.

Love me not but tease me never,
I am gone for good, yours-to-be never.

Evans Mbora Campbell

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