The Day I Left

I found peace and tranquility,
I no longer sinned against myself by casting doubt upon my integrity,
I gained the respect I so deserved from the world I loved, now I am adored by my family,
Albeit one that consists of two parents and a child born out of necessity,
And, coincidentally, named Me.

The day I left saw a shift in the plates out of which these very continents were cleft,
It signified the end of my being inept, marked the turn of a century even though it was barely weeks since we met,
That moment in that hour when I turned around and said to myself, “You are all you have left.”
Remains the instant in the distance that had my course set,
No longer would I be bound to your whims like a bosom by a corset.

It has taken Me a long time to realise that your enchantment was based on fictitious enhancement,
Embellished and overly relished, you knew nothing more than what all who adored you saw — apparent,
In my newfound lack of awe, I am resigned to the belief that there is nothing more to note about your obsequious treatment by drooling men,
It is but a momentary lapse in judgement; soon to end at the hands of your indiscretions against them.

You walk around with a false sense of innocence born of a nuance that you are perfect,
But certainly the prefect of any deity existent would beg to differ and report your misguided attitude to the nearest teacher,
While you are blessed with intellect, a command of your dialect and mastery of etiquette,
You exude no ability to empathetically connect, sympathetically relate or expressly state your intent,
Which leads me to question the meaning of your every action — does it suggest that you never consider success a potential outcome in your suitor’s conquests?
Do you just hold their hands and lead them then to the knife’s edge of your failure to say “Yes”?

…you for me, seems like a year, a month and a week ago,
Simultaneously far away and ever so close,
But in light of what I have seen in the time gone by since those,
I regret not what I chose.

Yours (once) momentarily,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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