Smile Charmer

It’s the feelings that overwhelm thee that aggravate my plea,
I wish you could just see that life would be so much simpler if it included me,
An enigma would disappear in the instant that you opened your eyes and arms to my presence here,
A problem would be solved with a solution evolved for your being, custom to your every need,

Yet you still cower in fear under a rock of doubt and self-punishment, when shall you relent with this torturous spree of regret?

Must I iterate endlessly how much you remain worth to a soul like mine, made to be with yours by intent only divine?
Surely you must identify with my cry for love, lack of the words “have” and above” in my narrative should assure you I mean no attempt to grab,
By all means I simply look to stroke your hair and remind you hourly that you are fair,
If the exactness of that frequency scares you then rest assured the revelation of the true recurrence rate will do you no better,
I am but a voluntary lover, the best kind to have when life tries to tear your world asunder.

Take me as I am, let my children one day call you “Mama”,
Give me all you can, for that is all that will ever matter,

But most of all, let me,
remain yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell,
Smile-Charmer. ☺

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