Kiss Me Again

So I would say to you before you leave me to my rue,
in that silent whisper you so often used to make me shiver, declare you will hold me true,
Tell them of us — tales not of chasing tail — of love delivered on no overglorified grail, sure as the skies are blue,
Say my name in that sensual way that made me quiver, let me know in you I still have a believer, ready to see this storm through.

I languish in the sorrow of my parched lips,
You departed and I have faced many a cold night since,
You are — to my heart — the elixir of life, light to guide its dancing beat,
You, you, you, magnificence is your birthright, sight of it mortal man’s greatest gift,
Yet it is I that, was blessed with this crippling taste of a breath so sweet,
A fact I now reminisce upon, feeling morose and left alone, if only I could bathe again in that kiss,

If only…
could hear me cry from atop the rooftops and piers to you who would be so gracious as to hear my need,
Singular indeed, but greater than all others I concede,
Greater than my need to involuntarily control the ability to breathe?
Yes, this need supersedes even that indeed Miss Kiss,
I wish only that ours may once again meet.

Lips that parted ways to leave behind what were better days; it was an ugly foray
from both our ends, for all we so closely held, against all we upheld —

I wish to upend the damage we did, mend the bridges between these lips that we left for dead,

I simply wish — dearest and most heaven-sent — that you could kiss me, again.

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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