Coo Coo

I murmur in the shrubs behind the treeline, whispering sweet words to you,
I have searched for you like Wizkid did for his Caro(line), trembling from a heartbeat absurd, thinking, “If only you knew…”,
I have lost all will to be still, how much longer must I hide as I rapidly decline; teeming with excitement at your sight, but letting you walk out of it when it causes me much ado.

You are beautiful beyond vocables, I would be lying if I claimed myself capable of describing your pulchritude,
How shall someone — so remarkable — ever look at a shadow of a man like me, hidden behind shrubs, constantly having an internal squabble?
How shall my attitude surely adjust my altitude to reach your peak and greet your chic elegance in equal measure with suave servitude?
My heart, mind and soul wonder ever so concertedly about you Miss Know-Me-Not, your frame alone has me arrested dear constable,
Would you hear my cry for you and do me the honour of turning your eye to my plight, that I may be no longer inconsolable a soul?
May your divine grace grant me a liberation from these chains and their chokehold?

The fact that I have sat here so long and been passed by throngs makes me wonder if any passers-by hear my song,
I have shaped my lips as I once learnt from a televised chant, raised my voice until I felt myself say I can’t, yet not one instance of a listener in the recent past,
Now as I stand behind these shrubs and intend to pull a similar stunt, I wonder if I stand a chance — will you recant your trust in these other bastards and see me just this once?

My moment of reckoning is nigh,
I push my fears aside and sigh one final time,
Hear me out as I let fly:

Coo, coo

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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