2014 ⌛, 2015 ⏳

I’ve had a lot of time to think about what I’m going to put on here*, so, in my usual, lengthy way here goes:
Family 👪, Friends 👥 and Experiences ✈
The past year was full of emotion, drama, challenges, setbacks, opportunity and promise, all of which can be summarised in those 3 categories.

✈ I left the continent for only the 2nd time in my life, but without my father’s support. This time there was no joint credit card or bank account, just my meagre last salary and a lot of sought-after cash put together in such a helter-skelter manner that I’m convinced hedge funds should be capitalising on the power of family and human will as opposed to other complex behavioural models. But I digress, and I dislike financial economics anyway 😁.

It was daunting and difficult, but fulfilling. I have no regrets about the sacrifices I made to get to Geneva. While some people are aware of what I went through, others aren’t and could care less. In the end my story taught me to respect people and show them kindness, for I know not how far they have come. And as a good friend recently told me, the world is really, “cruel enough as it is.” My travels have challenged my perspectives, shown me a glimpse of other cultures and taught me that East or West, home is best.

While I have enjoyed myself thoroughly in Europe, people here have felt almost as cold as their winter. It is a generalisation and I am averse to making those, but this is one as educated by experience as possible. I now deeply appreciate so many aspects of Kenyan and African culture. Our warmth, selflessness and a general disregard for origin that is complemented by a concern for how to help others reach their destination. While we certainly can be cold too – douchebaggery is an international phenomenon – the likelihood that we won’t be is far more reassuring.


👥 I met some amazing people last year. People I hope will be in my life as long as it lasts. Generally it’s easy for me to make acquaintances – I try to be as pleasant and polite as possible – but true friends are rare. I’m glad I met such people this year. Each of you will be getting a personal message detailing my appreciation, but I’m sure I’ve gone sentimental on you, in typical Campbell fashion, and made you aware of your importance to me.


👪 My family is complicated. I don’t talk about it much, despite my general openness. It has greatly affected my views as a person. In my adult life, I am committed to working towards a far less complicated family situation for my children, if/when I have them. It may not be entirely possible, seeing as we carry on our family’s legacy without exactly leaving it behind, but I will give it my best. The least complicated bits and those that matter most to me are, however, what I would like to say I am thankful for. It is to the entire maternal side of my family that I am forever indebted for the past year’s closing successes. I, quite literally, could never have made it to Switzerland without them. In my view, they are a blessing and a sure sign that my mother’s legacy is one I should cherish and be proud of. I have grown to appreciate their abundant love now more than ever before. But better late than never.

On the same note, I would like to appreciate my younger brother (yes, I have a sibling 😛). He has always openly believed in me, at times in ways I found inexplicable. His faith in my potential and constant hope that I get even better and reach farther is a driving force like no other. I am ever so proud to see that he is growing up as a man, facing challenges that are difficult to understand with as calm a demeanour as he can. While the world is agnostic to whether we are good or bad guys, it gives me great pleasure to know that he strives to remain the former in the face of all the latter. I sincerely love you and only wish to see you conquer the world as you see fit.


And so in 2015 I hope to better my best and keep applying myself, with you by my side should you wish to be there.

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

*I may have actually come up with this as I wrote it, but I have been thinking about it a lot 😂.

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