Attention Attention

Is this interaction a distraction and is my inaction an interruption?
Have you seen much result from my failure to tailor my every decision to your required precision?
I am forlorn and my sole is worn from all the battles never won against being a solo simpleton,
Can I hand over the troubles I mull upon to another so we can shoulder them as two strong?
Do you see the degree to which this suffering is affecting we and all we wish to build; our foundation?

Meh, many may be causing this not so seamless scene,
But why must we accept such trespassing if it betters not our sheen as a team?
I’m fatigued by having to deal with all these uninteresting beings, intent on destroying us with a sword fling,
I am taking none of their dithering, among other antics, aiming at derailing our every initiative,
Instead I am choosing pushing them aside, that we focus on our efforts combining, harmonising the song we sing,
In my stead I would rather have you push in the key to open a door to a side where we can see our futures emerge as bright; harvesting the fruits we sowed with so much enthusiasm.

I see my confidante in a bride in waiting,
I picture a serene verdant in which we sit outside stargazing,
I see a child among a pair or three, running around excitedly,
I feel like you know of what I am speaking,
I hear the sounds of your confidence in your breathing as you lay on my chest soothing,
I smell the imminence in the morning, the breath I take in let’s me know it’s another chance to pursue for what I’ve truly been hoping,

That in tears and in cheers,
These years shall surprise our peers,
As I prove I am

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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