Drop the Beat

Hello, hey, can you hear my appellation,
It’s bouncing, off the walls aye, are you not listening to the vibrations?
I am here with the mellow, yaay, can’t you feel the natural gyrations?
I fill your hollow, by day, at night can’t you see my determination?
If not you must be shallow, like that fish the call cray, how else do I explain this frustration?

Let me get you creeping out of the woodwork, make you jerk and free your muscles to relax,
Soothe the passion out of its traps, this stress to which you so strongly clasp won’t let you, even for a breath, gasp
I’m up to the task of seeing you last and quench your thirst, but first we must have you freed from the murk,
The dark has been your home for so long we must have you returned with not a chance that you will go back,
So jam, jam, jam, feel these rhythms and dance, give joy to yourself, why continue to lack?

The needle hits the vinyl and unleashes the groove within,
Like hooves on the ground that bass it hits and it pounds until you’re helpless to resist the song it sings,
That treble makes you a rebel as it becks and it calls you to give in to the sweetest of sins,
Take those vocals and understand the accord they bring forth with an entreaty, hearken to their words and let your soul speak.
Heel to heel, thumb to middle, click,
Take that new trick to the floor and feel that deep house music.

Silly old me, addicted to these tunes so neat,

Jamming to perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell

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