One Last Attempt

What I really wanted back then was to be cherished and held,
I wished not to be haunted by never-ending regret and memories of what never happened,
But look at me now, tormented, the ghost of my memory comtinually contests my content, I am pummelled,
And you remain the missing finger in my unwarranted quartet, solo and with a role, untouchable when needed.

Have you ever been before a floor full of people who would love to have you adored?
Because at your door I stood as that horde and wished you would see me as I waited, ignored,
I rang that bell until my fingers were sore from working on the knob and staying optimistically crossed,
Your friend heard my shout placed an ear where I knocked, but only chuckled and left me for dead as she too had my attempt cockblocked.

So I decided to take matters into hands mine and find my own face time,
clambering up your mansion’s side, I let my grime inspire more effort as I climbed,
Your voice was at the peak of my daring, a sign of the glorious end awaiting me as a reward for my legal crime,
I must reach you and have you know I owe my love to you, want you in my life,
Would want to behold your fair ways, take you on drives out and about on the countryside,
Kiss your tired eyes as I lay you to rest each night,
Smile in delight as you wake up to a new day, my sunlight,
I decided I would envision you as within reach, not just fantasise,
And so I made that climb, clambering up your mansion’s side,
at that balcony I pray it is you I find.

Bless your soul, you are here,
I bundle over like a newborn foal, presentation isn’t dear,
Take me as your coal, the diamond shall shine once I have you near,
The precious that is your pleasure, my major goal;
Shall expose the treasure of my character to leave my crystals clear.

I am hoping you can stop standing and staring as I lay before thee,
Pick me up, call my name maybe?
For I have waited so patiently to be here, however momentary,
Please tell me you wish to see more to it eventually,
Drop those hands from your gaping mouth and reach out to me,

That I may be,

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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