Everything In Between

So I knelt down and prayed,
Actually, no I didn’t,
I held my breath and anticipated a voice ever so hailed,
In silence I listened to my own heart drum at the parade,
The rolls almost ushering that voice in, but still, nothing came.

Asking myself the mystical, critical questions about who, what and where I came from is a battle not to be won,
I would much rather dare, however, to venture on with my armour worn and remain stubborn in my pursuit of a tenable solution,
Sitting on the fence has my shorts torn, not to mention, hurt my buttock, and I would much rather see to it that I’m enjoying comfort,
Wondering if I’ll be blessed or cursed for my blatant indecision on religion is reason enough to avoid derision of it as a means to be peaceful in my seclusion,
Who knows when we shall reach our conclusion? Surely not you or he who stands at that pulpit giving you quotations and interpretations,
But yet we trust in the unseen as if the illusion of a magic trick is any less likely to cause confusion, and much less worthy of our believing with conviction.

Walk with yourself for a second or two,
does too much goes on within to attribute to a mere, mortal you?
Are the revelations that you find even yours to claim as ‘mine’ if half the time you believe them to be divine?
assisted not by your remarkable mind, but by an enigmatic, misunderstood, maybe contrived ‘guy’ all up somewhere high and selcouth?

Queries we could dig quarries trying to answer but only spin stories that wouldn’t matter,
In the general frame of all things earthen, a pattern that would emerge evident is when we do good we are rewarded, implicitly or as we perceive the consequences,
And when we do bad we can act content with what we get though we know our ways are rotten and being caught, if not imminent, is ever a possibility until we’re dead.
Everything in between is a matter of choices, checked boxes and tolls taken, issues resolved and other cases opened,
How we deal with it all, through good and bad, is really all a matter of You then.

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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