Scenic for a Cynic

I, have none other to satisfy,
Pride is my only drive,
Self I must actualise,
Only wealth materially satisfies,
Health for my physical ties,
Narcissism for everything else otherwise.

Toes are to be stepped on,
After all, were they not a double entendre from the get-go?
Shoulders must be ice-cold,
Contact must be so,
Time is scarce to sit and bond,
When the world has so much I could hoard.

Look at you, pixilated and unhinged,
To be dictated unconvinced,
I shall have you castigated for your wince,
Flagellated for your whims,
Exacerbated are your needs,
But I’m sated provided it is I who wins.

Yours in inequity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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