Swear or Pear

Pick a pear that we can share as a pair,
If you dare I will declare that my heart is your éclair,
I will give you no scare, never not care, and be there when all else turns to naught and you despair,
But pick a swear and I will not be as filled with flair.

Leave me bare, I’ll lie here with the salt in my wounds to bear,
I’ll try to sit up but prefer to stare, hoping you’ll feel the pierce of my glare,
If you choose to be this unfair, at least make sure you leave me with the fare –
to board your every nightmare, and leave you just as happiness-impaired.

The reprieve I seek to receive is not a gift I expect you to give,
You step all over my toes as I grieve and ignore my pleas, tossing them aside as I feel deceived,
You are nothing but a malignant thief, seeking my end as you feed your ravenous greed,
If I am wrong in what I perceive, misled in my belief, Then prove me to be that I may forgive.

Stay with me here and hear my misgivings,
Be by my ear all year and nurse my shortcomings,
Stay by my shears, my enemies are consumed with vindictive malice in amounts sheer,
Do right by my peers, into the future through the past they have peered.

Will you choose to refuse the other side?
Will you be enthused or bemused when your decision is clear as day before your eyes?
I’m not afraid to lose if it will mean being a recluse away from lies,
But I wouldn’t mind if I could seduce away the screws that would have me denied.

Yours in uncertainty,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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