Who We Are

Is possibly, those meant for each other,
Destined for the warm embrace of no other,
Blessed with the good fortune of not keeping in constant touch,
And still remaining a certain match.

Or maybe our path is to split at a crossroads,
Perhaps we are meant to only be temporarily entangled,
Only to be not so baffled when our separate ways we must go,
It could be that we’re living through a phase, enjoying the show,
But as is commonly known, the fewest thrills are savoured at the front row,
when all hell breaks loose and they are challenged with the unknown.

So which road is for us? Who must I entrust with our case?
Do we simply drop all we have come to trust in so much? Surrender barely into the race?
Is the situation life-or-death, would the crash be perilous? Can I live with myself should you be erased?
These and so many more mysteries make my mind race, my heart beats perplexed by all these matters it cannot grasp,
With all its acquired experience, it can make no contrast, with all the energy in the world it can’t outpace,
So we make it work, pushing and struggling, if only to save face.

I’m aware of your many a weakness,
But for how long have we known each of the other’s strengths?
How well can you explain my deepest of depths?
Must I show you how much to me thee has meant?
Would you like to accuse me of being emotionally inept?

I try and will not cry until it is for joy,
I strive to wipe dry your tears, until you see it as more than a ploy,
And I work hard to be smart and tactfully employ,
the best means to get that smile out from between your lips so coy.

I’m not sure who we are,
But I’m sure I am,

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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