Country Musings

Idyllic scenes and forgotten mysteries,
Slower speeds and mystical scenery,
Find me a lead and I will follow it to infinity,
I feel deeply keen to be left to this serenity.

And so introspection comes into play,
I realise just how hastily I take each array of cards that life throws my way,
In my worst of many a day, my dismay is as gripping as a plague,
Yet the root is hardly worth the struggle when thought about intently,
I’m certain of nothing but I question everything, studiously,
I’m sure if I got my own reassurance I’d be happy,
So it’s at times like these that I reflect on what makes life worth it.

Emotions are overwhelming, passions consuming,
But in the end only we can captain our ships of destiny,
And no matter how much we seek to be perfect,

We are flawed in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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