Life Diaries

The vagaries, that’s where the life is,
In the uncertainty, subject to the whims,
Those gusts of wind, the waves that rock our shores and dampen our sails,
It’s all about these unpredictable variables, what I want but am not sure about, porous pails,
I cough and I sniff but my doctor knows not from what I ail,
It is that time in life when you pass every test but wonder if this is the one you’ll fail.

Bring me to my senses so I see past all the strain,
I go through the hustle and bustle, through the hassle I battle, pushing through the pain,
Give me the foresight to see what’s ahead that I may know what to me pertains,
Understand what I should and shouldn’t retain,
Take off the wheels so I no longer train,
Leave me free so I can blaze a trail,
Life, oh life, unshackle me, throw away the chains,
Then watch as I dash off, and stare at this space.

Here I am, brazen and chock full of courage,
Bring it on and see me manage,
If I’m meant for greatness then make this all worth the challenge,
Give me the impetus to put my best foot forward and jump to my highest,
After all, it is to my past self that I pledge,
to be a better man as each day passes.

So offer it all, that I may rise and fall,
That I may serve the ball and strike it out of my end of the court,
And let’s take this journey as it comes, as I grip my racquet with sweaty palms,
Know that soon I’ll be ice cool and hardly as alarmed.

Yours vivaciously,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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