Worst Best Friend

We huff and we puff, things get ever so rough,
Down my throat you stuff, and against your face I rub, all these things not fair for either of us,
Life couldn’t have been worse, but be the best we must,
So we toil and try to forget all in which we are embroiled, so we can find a way to reinforce our thick crusts,
Really, all that matters any more is the chief factor of TRUST,
All that keeps this ethereal connection holding is the fact that we need an us.

I love you like I never have any other,
But I also realise that I have never known another,
Who am I to assume that with you I am only bothered?
How would I know how things would be elsewhere?
I put my faith in the fundamentals, I grit my teeth when faced with anger,
I hold my breath when moments pressure my heart to flutter,
I grab desperately at the air to seek a support whenever in my step I falter,
But onto this I hold on like it is, because it really is, all that matters.

I have learnt many valuable lessons,
So many in fact that I choose not to give up when things are fledgling,
I must believe and live, fight until…
I can say there is no more to be fought for and all has been achieved,
But when is that ever going to be the case in reality?
Is life ever going to give us such finality?

Whatever happens,
I’ll try and keep my spirits from being dampened,
And hopefully stay,

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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