Down the beach

It was a bright, balmy summer’s day,
Walking down the beach calmed me in every way,
But far ahead in front of me, I could see what would probably have me from my foray swayed,
Your long hair seemed to just cavort in the wind, your skin as delighting as the sunrays,
And as many in my position would have said,
You were “Gorgeous for days!”, so I looked up to the heavens and nodded as if to say,

I maintained my pace, after all, you weren’t going anywhere for as long as I could see your face,
The only thing that could admittedly race, was my heart as it danced about like your lace,
Maybe I was getting ahead of myself, too quick to have a link between us traced,
But I was too excited to have any conclusions I’d drawn erased,
And just as I made that final decision, you were no longer in the horizon, right before me you lay,
And I opened my mouth to speak and overflowing confidence quickly eroded as I just stood dazed,
Our eyes had met, you were right in front of me but I was lost in their mystery, it was as if I was staring into a haze,
And yet I wanted to remain in this maze,
I wanted to say something so I coughed out a “Hey!”
As you just glared back, amused by my evident inability to look away.

I stretched my hand out for the handshake,
The moment seemed to last forever, make or break,
But eventually my hand in yours you did take,
And Claire was your name, or so you said,
Because what followed was so unexpected, I’m surprised to date,
As you pulled me in for what seemed like a hug, a kiss on my cheek you gently placed,
And before I could give you my name, you had let go of me like a mistake,
Said “Have a nice day!” and turned to leave,
Down the beach you went, as I stood and looked on in disbelief wondering,
“Couldn’t you have stayed for my side of the story?”

I guess we shall have to see,
If a next time is a possibility,
But until then,

I am yours incomplete,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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