Hello… Again

Hey, hello,
It’s been an astoundingly long time, I feel like quite the insolent fellow,
We always spoke about how we’d stay close, “Call me when you get home!” I’d bellow,
But evidently time and tide swept away one man, sensing trouble on his return he gulps, uh-oh,
It is my fault we fell apart, I got stuck in the races, playing the part, in the zone,
Loving my craft a tad too much and after that, finding others who made you old news, along with our dates for froyo,
I’m not sure multitudinous excuses could lead you to trust me after all the bruises, fairly so,
I deserve to reap what I sow.

It’s been so long I know,
In the meantime I’ve been drowning in the depths of these people so shallow,
While it may seem ungrateful, my return at this point after a period so protracted, I am low,
I miss the actual length of your texts, how our conversations would flow,
The kiss that you always left, anticipated with bated breath, before you go,
I can honestly attest that I haven’t been at my best, you can bet your importance has shown,
And while I’m not one to bet, I can place a fair penny against my claim that my affection for you has grown.

This all seems atavistic, but it cannot be any other way if I am to be rejuvenated,
I must return to the place I call home, where you open the door and welcome me with tea and freshly-baked bread,
I must be with the one who makes ‘alone’ unknown, wipes the floor covered in gloom and makes it sparkle glee instead.

I’m running away from the bedlam I discovered being foolhardy,
To have a safe place where I am, with love showered and my laugh is hearty,
I am racing back to return, to your arms where I am warm and hardly worry.

I am yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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