All Aboard

“Last call”, croaked the lazy lady at the reception,
“All aboard”, the nonchalant steward analogously echoed,
It was the last train into my life, slow and old-fashioned,
But despite how antiquated it had become, it served its function,
And so did its staff, my myriad of actions,
They gave some the cold shoulder, others, with hugs, they slathered,
But none was ever sent off exigently with a vicious truncheon,
Just as, in an equal and opposite fashion,
None was ever put under duress, brought aboard upon their capitulation.

Some actually chose to never leave the station,
While I do not admire their lack of wanderlust, I am perplexed by their endless hesitation,
Could it be that they believe not in their destination?
Do they perceive it to be a state of decrepitude, ignominious, unworthy of their habitation?
Or are they annoyed with me, none of my deeds mollify (them) in their agitation?

Those onboard seem jolly and radiant,
Some even more excited than others, in syndicates they come up with chants,
Others sit looking out their windows, plugged in,  they hum and dance,
Most seem to enjoy each other’s company, finding it august and pleasant,
A few, an expected crew, defy what seems preponderant, hardly as jubilant,
And it is to these few I assign my most trusted staff,
Seeking to see their frowns upended, artificial smiles evicted, call their bluff,
But some prove beyond redemption, onboard for no sincere reason,
Unable to appreciate the subtle and blatant efforts to make them comfortable,
Ergo, this train from yore came with a turnkey elimination system.

All the joyriders aboard, viewing scenes from behind the glass, in a niche,
Must give up their seats for those willing to appreciate the true meaning of this trip,
Cocktails would be served in gulps, no sips,
And thus those determined to purse their lips,
Could part with kisses, albeit on their cheeks,
Goodbyes all around, no tears for those lying through their teeth,
But a toast, to all of you, the remaining seated, sincere, caring, friends indeed,
I hope you share in my belief,
That you’re on the rails to a future together, far from bleak.

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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