NovECamp, my vainly-named phablet, lets me know that in comes a text,
One I open with puerile alacrity, it’s from Bambi, oh how I’ve waited in earnest,
Heart in my mouth, mind in the sky, lungs struggling for breath,
How long I waited for this day, much-anticipated,
But how little I knew of my over-the-moon response, inexplicably elated.

While you were away, I left you many a mental message,
“Today the weather was inclement, when it rains it pours… goes the adage,”
“Just a few more days, I’ll hold on until the 8th, it’s just Tuesday.”
And these, among many other mentions, easened the pain of time’s sluggish passage,
Revealing as well,
That we truly are spirits kindred,
That for all the warpaths we have taken,
Laying waste to each other and leaving almost barren,
We emerged in a verdant, before us lay expectant happiness,
And bona fide love, the kind beyond being smitten,
The kind in which scars and smiles are confounded,
But certainly the latter keeps it all together, bonds strengthened,
Keeps you missed, my yearning to speak to you hardly sated.

I think it’s amazing to see myself gladly in your retinue,
When others may demean you, deem you “coquette”, untrue,
While they may think you shallow, in their parochial view,
I attest to the inscrutable depths you bear, such they couldn’t begin to swim to.

I see the humble haute young lady, widely misunderstood,
Whose actions often go misconstrued,
And as such, many a dolt will be rude,
But I intend to be an adult, gallant and shrewd,
Respecting the truth that you are remarkably astute,
Beautiful and dependable, as concerned about my landing as a parachute,
“Probably” gives way to CERTAINLY when I qualify saying I love you.

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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