Can You See Me

We began this journey,  boisterous and unafraid to stay hungry,
Chose to stay foolish, even if it left us travelling on a gurney,
But, inevitably,
It seems we lost track of each other, and the dream.

There was a time and place when our space was inviolable,
When we could detach from this plane and occupy our insular dimension; our dinner table,
Wine and dine each other, share in the water that made the soap of love lather,
Bathe together, unified by our resolve to upend the world’s pressure,
Our goal to remain man and partner,
As inseparable as wife and husband.

On most days, I would wake up certain; sure that in our step we could not perilously falter,
That if we did lose our footing, our hearts would undoubtedly flutter, but back to the beaten path we would return,
On that fateful day, however, there was a look in your eyes,
Divisive as a naysayer’s cries, piercing as a father’s glower,
And my mind was quick to realise and question your compromise:
“Do I really know her?”
“Is the leitmotif of my life the infinite uncertainty about all that around me lies?
– Have I no power?”
Suddenly, all I knew as irrefutably true – me and you – broke down like a cloud, in one fell shower.

Somebody that I used to know said: “I love you, by your side I shall return like a gull to roost”,
But life seems to have sharpened their edges; and my, haven’t they come out brusque!
Unaffected by my tribulations, disinterested in assisting my beleaguered troops,
Undisturbed by their need of a morale boost,
And still I wonder, as I send countless a request for help to you,
Can you see me, waving from across the brook?
Would you even care to look?

I’m afraid this is my last crack at cranny and nook, I have searched enough in my book.

Till you find me again, along the way,
I am yours, only from then – some fateful day,

Evans Mbora Campbell,
I’m sure you remember the name.

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