It all begins with an unfamiliar sensation,
At first you are startled,
You take a step back, grab a mirror and stare at yourself, consternation,
Indeed this is the last thing you expected given your initial revulsion,
She has come to grow on you, the “how” of it all is a looming question,
Unanswered and, consequently, abutted to frustration.

What seemed like her repulsive combination of colourful attire,
Now seems regal and resplendent, worthy of admiration; certainly you gaze and never tire,
She ties her hair so simply behind her, once what you found her dull lack of intricacy,
Now it all feels like the most sophisticated quirk to ever capture true beauty,
Once on the receiving end of terse retorts and relentless censure in your mind,
She is now courting your eyes, making you leave cohorts behind – recently deemed unimportant ventures by this astonishing find.

You are tripping, how soon you fall is but a matter of time,
She remains unaware of your true motives, but suspicious of your every chivalrous dime,
Once certain you would much rather speak to her in the manner of a mime, certain you couldn’t stand to hear her, in, chime,
She is justifiably curious: “What galvanised a chap so previously unconcerned and hardly inclined?
I mean, mustn’t he have other women much more ‘fine’ in mind?”

Your friends tell you that you only live once,
You choose to take a chance and, of your energies, spare no ounce,
Ultimately, however, all you can hope for is to win more than an awkward glance…

As you decide to ask for what will be her maiden dance – one you pray will last,
All you really want is an assurance that your look into her eyes will equally entrance,
That the simple act of swirling her around will be more visceral, propel her soul off the ground, enchant,
And that in the instant when you pull her towards you and lean in,
She will not resort to a hug, hesitant,
But a reassuringly forward lunge to meet your unexpected albeit invited lips, first-hand.

Trip on son,
For you hope, as I do, to be,

Hers in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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