And Then There Were Three

In the beginning it was just you and me,
Paths so identical yet independent until we met, isosceles
But in our past lay those we thought would never in our hearts last, former kings and queens,
The shortest distance between two points is a line, and it was drawn with ease
Which meant no sooner had we met at our vertice at last, than there were three
Us, and each from our past, towering
My what a shadow they cast, as we stood there cowering.

You thought as I did, this incursion required an opposition bent on reversion, our x’s turned to o’s for (o)ut,
For the demons of old of which we were never to behold,
could only mean that the present we wished to so dearly hold close was cast in doubt.

So we shook off the shivers, looked in each other’s eyes and drew strength from their glimmer,
Oh how reassuring it felt! To see you believe that on our promise we could deliver,
The promise that come what may, she and he would in our past stay, you leave him as I leave her,
But oh what a pipe dream it turned out to be, time moved on and still there were three.

The match was lit but the bridge stood unburnt,
The one thing that separated us kept them in our chapter, like a page unturned,
Our affectivity, that active weakness that made our insides churn,
Led us right back in the direction away from which we had sworn to run,
And then there were none.

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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