Fire & Water

You mistake my gregariousness for weakness,
The fact that I would go outside myself to be friends…
does not imply that you should be indifferent when you are needed,
Yet you proceed insouciant and unrepentant, stepping on my toes and continuing to ignore my plea for you to be considerate

I have, on countless occasions, ignored the tumult you and your voices make,
I have come to take your complaints about my companions lightly because I thought they were simply not here to stay,
But you went ahead and did it again, this time causing my pain, and I have had more than I can take,
You can politicise all you want about me, but your kleptocracy shan’t bully me into submitting to your idiocy!
If you can’t accept my  people for their idiosyncrasies,
I see no reason to bother with having you as my friend, albeit due to the unavoidable I remain your colleague

I am certain you do not hold my feelings in high esteem, for you are quick to tear at their everyday seam,
The house I once thought I shared with you, one of companionship and love, is now ramshackle, all spaces and beams,
How could you walk out on me? I could ask but the answer has made itself evident it would seem,
You were simply tolerating and waiting,
Biding your time until you found the most inexcusable excuse to hurl expletives my way;
just to make sure I leave.

I trusted you once, but just as the water trusts the fire to boil it,
So too does the fire expect to be extinguished by any of it that is spilt,
In my case I burnt bright and hot, making you warm and fuzzy inside, filling you with care and concern until your sour turned sweet.

I went out on many a limb, a single one would never suffice; for you the universe I would shift if it would bring that promising crescent parting of lips,
That radiant showing of teeth that let me know my work was complete, my objectives achieved,
But it was all in vain because you simply made a meal of it, had a good bite to eat,
And when it all came tumbling down I should have realised I was writhing in your acid pit,
But now that I’m out as you expel me, I’m lucid enough to see exactly what you did.

Like fire and water we were never meant to mix,
Now that the steel separating us is gone, yours is essence freed and I am extinguished heat,
Consider us friends no more, your pretexts won’t work like before, I’m calling it quits

No longer yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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