Broken Wings

I left everything I held against the world,
To trust in this one little girl,
In truth she was far more that that, she bore the power to make dreams into nightmares turn,
And mine were on the victim’s list, as inadvertently as she may claim them to be,
Burned I remain, unworthy of those who see…

I have been left to seek my sophrosyne,
I travel on this metanoia with none else but me,
The true one who wishes by my side to be,
Is only hurt by the flames that still linger on my crusty skin…

She, though so elysian, deserveth not a man such as I,
Embattled and beleaguered, burdened and wounded, far from the graceful man she would have liked,
Yet she chooses to stay and care, even though she knows the reason for these burns I bear, truly stupid or hopelessly devoted to being by my side,
Whatever it is, she has definitely been cause for many of my relieved sighs when I was certain I would lose my mind to haunting visions of the girl I eyed,
She has been the balm to soothe my wounds when they festered, staying to see me warm, helping me regain what little was left of me inside,
And for that, I owe her the love of my life,
I know she is indeed just that, if seeing is believing, I’m well on my way to regaining my sight…

In the meantime, however, I shall make it my mission to use all my might,
To complete this journey to self-realisation, until I am hers as she is mine,
And for that very cause I shall fight,
Until every last demon in me,  brought on by those who have plagued my sleep, takes flight.

I shall be hers in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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