Sun & Moon

…gone too soon, I feel confused by my own swoon,

I may not have realised how much of an impediment my love was, but that’s because it never is when you’re over the moon,

I regret none of what I did, neither do I feel that I must take it all back and hate that I gave it to you,

Love keeps no account of wrongs, and I for one need none in my bank vault, so by all means, I gave what was due




I’m sure clarity shall come,

When is however a matter I dare not assume, forcing it will only lead me to my own harm,

I do know that even with all this charm you claim I have and am,

I shall find it a lot harder to drop it all and no longer give a damn,

What the heart wants it truly does, that I have come to learn,

But only a mutuality of that desire makes it worth a leg and an arm…




For all that you ever showed me, I still believe you were my sun by day,

Your shine impossible to replicate in the face of all the other people I know so dull, disagree you may,

But I’m as sure as spring is in May –

that I will never meet another like you in this or any other decade.




I have posited that there are many “ones”,

And out of all those, for each we lose, another shall, despite the sorrow, emerge,

But I also believe that regardless of the multiplicity, the heart never ceases to justify the individual ONE-

presented to it by fate and chance and granted to its child-like eyes like a present from a loving dad,

it chooses to hold on to that one! YOU, for example…




For all that we could have had,

The nights I dreamed of and the days we did have,

I’m thankful I managed to be graced by the warm, soothing glow of your sun,

and pray that you do find the one who WILL deserve all the angel that you are.


Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.


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