I Woke Up Beside You…

… the love of my life, evolved from the girl I described as “fine”,
Soon to be my wife, devolved not is your power to leave my heartstrings entwined,

I remember vividly the first day I saw you smile, and how you left me amazed by your obviously understated grace,
How I stared at you and hoped your eyes would meet mine, even though I knew I would have nothing to say when I saw the glow of your face,
How I simply would not stop remembering the moment I saw a glimmer in your eyes, and watched it ignite as you shared a fiery story with your friends, all locked in your narrator’s embrace…

I remember when I finally mustered enough courage to speak to you, wrote you a cheesy letter and hoped I could win your attention,
Looked at what I knew I could do, and hoped it would be enough to feed your penchants,
I was left helpless before your aptitude, in love with all your can’s and cant’s,
For you I would drop the attitude, for you I could sing and chant,
For you my love was true, and at you I stare in this instant,

I once sat away from you, unsure about whether I would ever know you
I once walked up to you, certain I would be turned down and left blue,
I now stand by you, ready to walk across continents in your shoes,
I have knelt before you, asking to hold your hand and walk through life with you
And in this moment, ever so blissful, I woke up beside you,
And wrote this to appreciate you.

Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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