Life’s Twisted Joke

I could cry,

but even if I kept at it, the truth will never be a lie,

I could say I can hide,

but no amount of style can mask this gaping hole of mine…

I feel like a victim of time,

An offender being punished by karma for crime,

I am the product of fate’s parody, the unwanted, a malady,

I am the anomaly after the tragedy,

You were crushed before, and hearts before yours I tore, so life decided I deserve to face the melody.



Shall I be fine?

Who knows, I highly doubt it but I’m hardly divine,

Did I most certainly hope one day you would be mine?

NO, for even if you gave me all of you and I me, your spirit could never be confined,

All I could ever hope for and want, was to see you smile, be the light to my life so blind…



Carry all of me with you AMME,

that you may remember I was there entirely,

that you may lay down your yolk and accept the fact that you’re unchained, when it becomes reality,

that you may know I have never had to wait from a distance, but in this instance feel inclined to trust you’ll find clarity,

And I, I most certainly hope my dreams about being with you become verities,

and that I’ll eventually argue about whether to call you “AMME” or “baby”,

and you’ll laugh hysterically as I feed you omelette du fromage each morning,

wander away into a world of dreams as I watch you sleep and treasure your beauty, my blessing.



I shall wait for you from a distance, and say “Come at me”, waiting to receive you gladly,

I shall wait and hope that when you do return, I shall be unchanged, my sentiments towards you in place,

I shall wait for you to recover and do my best to do the same…



I had/still do,

hoped/hope to be



Yours in perpetuity,


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