May I Walk You Home…

…so I can stand with you under the moonlight,
Take in the glow of your visage, my I pity the floodlights-
working so hard to illuminate the night,
when I have found my own light in the fire that is your soul; by night my sunlight,
By day, justifiably impolite to the celestial body, still so bright

…because I love bumping into your side,
reminding myself that I have you by it, then warming up inside.
It’s amazing how this simple thing, I find,
brings me the ultimate joy; saturation for the heart, soul and mind,
Yours is the expertly-cast spell that binds,
and leads me to willingly abide by having nothing to hide,
I find myself emoting to you, putting this raw emotion in plain sight,
showing you my fairy tales full of untested foresight, with you featuring as a prominent highlight,
Around your aura I have abundant might yet have not the fight to keep from you my heart’s design,
It is with you that my inclination is defined,
towards you it leads me, leaving everything else behind,
And to the fate that I await with bated breath, that of you and I,
I feel pleasantly resigned.

…because I quite simply see,
no better alternative for these two feet,
no other imperative required by this chivalry,
and no other directive I could give myself so gladly,

“May I walk you home milady?”

And hope that I may be,
Yours in perpetuity,

Evans Mbora Campbell.

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